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My Approach to Yoga

For me, Yoga is a way of living a good, happy & healthy life.  I have been practicing Yoga for over 30 years and living it for about 10.  I am passionate about the myriad of benefits of Yoga for everyone and every body. I believe it should be inclusive and accessible for all.


When people ask me what type of Yoga I teach, I say 'Therapeutic Hatha Flow'.  This is my own unique style of Yoga that I have developed.  I take practises from a wide range of teachers and schools of Yoga and add my own experiential interpretation to the mix!  Yoga can help with physical and mental health for example back pain and anxiety and depression. 


A typical class will start with some simple breath awareness and limber exercises followed by a slow flow sequence from lying down to seated through to standing postures and back down to the floor again.  I always end with a meditation or relaxation. 


My focus is very much on Health and Wellbeing and the importance of self-care and self awareness so we can become the best version of ourselves.  I can assure you that you will feel better at the end of a class than when you arrived, whatever state you arrive in!  

My areas of expertise and special interest are Yoga to support Mental Health.  Last year I qualified as as Yoga In Healthcare Alliance Teacher so I can now deliver the Yoga4Health course, a well researched protocol  that improves people's health outcomes in a number of ways:

  • Improve stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improve heart health

  • Lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes

  • Improve Social connections

  • Improve overall health & wellbeing


About me
I have been practising Yoga for over 30 years and have been a teacher for 6 years.  I grew up in Devon before moving to London for University and then travelling extensively worldwide.  I met my husband at Glastonbury Festival in 2004 and I moved to the North West  2 years later. I am married with 2 children, 2 cats and a dog!
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Classes & Private Sessions

Tuesdays 19:15 - 20:30

Bramhall Village Club, 2 Melbourne Road, Bramhal

l£66 for a 6 week Block or £13 pay-as-you-go

Tuesdays 19.15 - 20.30

Live On Zoom

£66 for a 6 week Block or £13 pay-as-you-go

Wednesdays 16.15 - 17.00

4C Centre, Ashton-Under -Lyne

Pennine Care Staff Only

Private Lessons

Schedule a personal 1-2-1 consultation session priced at £45

comprising of:

Subsequent lessons are priced at £40 for 60 minutes or £140 for a block of 4.



'Helen is an amazing Yoga teacher!  She sets a theme for every class and then tailors every pose to suit each individual's needs.  She instinctively picks up on the class's energy levels and takes this into account, modifying the lesson to suit.  Helen's class isn't about showing off how strong or bendy you are - instead, you learn how to move your body mindfully to prevent injury whilst exploring and expanding your range of mobility.  For me, going to Helen's class is like hitting the reset button - I leave feeling completely refreshed!'
Natalia, Wilmslow

'I wanted to let you know that the two sessions this week have really helped my back pain.  After the Tuesday session, the pain just seemed to melt away, which was lovely.  It really made me think about where the pain was coming from as it felt different to the usual pain that I get from Spondylosis - so I think its all the sitting around that I've been doing.  I've continued with the stretches everyday and still have no back pain al at all!
Helen, High Peak

"The one on one teaching with Helen has been a real turning point in my life!
For years i thought my true lack of flexibility would never allow me to progress in Yoga. However, after initial consultation with Helen, she gave me real confidence that Yoga is for everybody and flexibility is not a measure of ability. Helen's caring approach and passion for the subject, married with true knowledge and precision of positions has built a strong foundation for me to enjoy Yoga for years to come. My practice has improved immeasurably over the year working with Helen, and my stress levels have come down remarkably. I could not recommend her enough."
Chris, Wilmslow.

"A wonderful way to get the best out of yoga - disciplined exercises, relaxation with loads of advice beneficial for mind and body. A class to reflect on and enjoy. Fun too. Just love Helen's approach to teaching yoga."
Hilary, Alderley Edge

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Helen Bucknall-Ryder

07960 262 455

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